Oncology in Later Life

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The Christie Strategy states that “We will develop a dedicated “Oncology of Later Life” service to ensure we meet the needs of an ageing population.”  The Later Life group meet quarterly to support research, engagement and clinical practice in Later Life Oncology.   Everyone is welcome to attend. Contact us by emailing one of the following:

Anthea Cree, Clinical Oncology Registrar                             Anthea.Cree@christie.nhs.uk
Jeni Woods, Senior Occupational Therapist                        Jennifer.Woods@christie.nhs.uk
Lorraine Burgess, Macmillan Dementia Nurse Consultant            Lorraine.Burgess@christie.nhs.uk

later life

After the 1st successful Later Life Study Day, the Christie will be holding a 2nd study day on
Friday 19th July 2019

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Some useful, recent and freely available resources and sites to be aware of:

International Society of Geriatric Oncology Website: Fosters the development of health professionals in the field of geriatric oncology

Cancer and Aging Research Group Website: The mission of CARG is to join geriatric oncology researchers in a collaborative effort of designing and implementing clinical trials to improve the care of older adults with cancer.

Cancer Research UK Report: Advancing Care, Advancing Years: Improving Cancer Treatment and Care for an Ageing Population. June 2018

Macmillan Cancer Support document: Older People and Cancer, Spring 2018.

British Geriatrics Society Blog: Geriatric Oncology: why older patients need a special approach. 7 Feb 2018

Series of Lancet articles: Geriatric Oncology: June 2018

ASCO Guideline: Practical Assessment and Management of Vulnerabilities in Older patients receiving Chemotherapy. June 2018

MDTea Podcast: Supporting patients in cancer care, Nov 2018




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